Advisory team

Charlie Kam

Charlie Kam

Founder and CEO, Acme Avatars Inc

Founder and CEO of Acme Avatars Inc., a software company that creates interactive, life-like, digital, avatars of humans. He's on the Advisory Boards of the Brink Institute, the Lifeboat Foundation and the Center for Creative Consciousness. He is a life-long futurist with a background in biochemistry and music. In 2007 he was the sponsor, organizer, and Master of Ceremonies of the highly successful 3-DAY TRANSVISION 2007 CONFERENCE. 

Charlie was also one of the executive producers of the film, “Transcendent Man”. In addition, he has composed and sung many futuristic songs including: "I Am the Very Model of a Singularitarian” (Very well-known throughout the Transhumanist community. The music video starring Charlie, is based on Ray Kurzweil’s book, “The Singularity Is Near”. The song was also featured in the movie, “The Singularity Is Near”. The music video can be seen on YouTube; “Our Cryonic World” (the music video stars Aubrey De Grey, which can be seen on YouTube; “If I Had To Build A Brain” (Based on Ray Kurzweil’s book “How To Build A Mind” can be seen on YouTube) and many more, including a song for RAADfest 2016 aptly named, “Radical Life Extension!”  for which he also made and starred in, along with Suzanne Somers' granddaughter Camelia Somers, a music video.

Chris Sanders

Chris Sanders

Musician. Co-Owner, Chase Life Extension Foundation

In his home of NZ he has played support act for internationally acclaimed Tim Finn from Crowded House and NZ’s top musicians Anika Moa, Don McGlashan, Evermore and many more. 

His mission is to help rid the world of all age related diseases and to ultimately help find a cure for aging.

Although busy with this quest Chris still finds time to perform live regularly at such prestigious venues in Auckland such as Sky City and Eden Park and is often called upon to play at high profile events. The song ‘I Wanna Live Forever’ was inspired by world-renowned molecular biologist Dr. Bill Andrews, an associate of Chris’s.  Dr Andrews company, Sierra Sciences receives royalties not only from CLEF, but personally from Chris through sales of his song on iTunes. ‘I Wanna Live Forever’, recorded at the studio of Neil Finn from Crowded House fame, tells a story of Dr. Andrews life so far and his search for a cure for all age-related diseases and eventually immortality. It is an infectious pop song that has that signature Chris Sanders sound with melodic vocals and catchy guitars. You’ll definitely find yourself singing along to this tune while driving in the car. 

David Wood.jpg

David Wood

Director, Humanity+. Writer and Entrepreneur

David Wood, D.Sc., was one of the pioneers of the smartphone industry, and is now a futurist commentator, speaker, and writer. His latest book, working title "Approaching rejuvenation", is scheduled for publication during H1 2016.

David spent 25 years envisioning, designing, implementing, and avidly using smart mobile devices. He co-founded Symbian, the creator of the world’s first successful smartphone operating system, and served on the leadership teams of Psion Software and Symbian from 1996-2009. From 2010 to 2013, David was Technology Planning Lead (CTO) of Accenture Mobility. He also co-led Accenture’s “Mobility Health” business initiative.

David is now an independent futurist, consultant, and writer, at Delta Wisdom. His clients include businesses, organizations, and governments around the world. As chair of London Futurists, David has organized regular meetings in London since March 2008 on futurist and technoprogressive topics. Membership of London Futurists now exceeds 4,500.

David was lead editor of the volume “Anticipating 2025: A guide to the radical changes that may lie ahead, whether or not we’re ready”, published in June 2014. His own book “Smartphones and beyond: lessons from the remarkable rise and fall of Symbian” was published in September 2014, and has been described as “One of the most candid and revealing books a technology executive has ever written”.

David has a triple first class mathematics degree from Cambridge, and undertook doctoral research in the Philosophy of Science. He has an honorary Doctorate in Science from Westminster University. In 2009 he was included in T3's list of "100 most influential people in technology". He has been a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) since 2005, a Director of Humanity+ since November 2013, and a Fellow of the IEET since January 2015.

Gennady Stolyarov

Gennady Stolyarov

Chairman, US Transhumanist Party

Gennady Stolyarov II (G. Stolyarov II) is the second Chairman in the history of the U.S. Transhumanist Party and the Chief Executive of the Nevada Transhumanist Party. Mr. Stolyarov is an actuary, philosopher, science-fiction novelist, poet, amateur mathematician, composer, and Editor-in-Chief of The Rational Argumentator – a magazine championing the principles of reason, rights, and progress – which Mr. Stolyarov has published continuously since 2002. Mr. Stolyarov regularly produces YouTube Videos discussing life extension, libertarianism, and related subjects. Mr. Stolyarov’s writings and publications have accumulated over 10 million cumulative page views.

In December 2013, Mr. Stolyarov published Death is Wrong, an ambitious children’s book on life extension, illustrated by his wife Wendy Stolyarov. Death is Wrong can be found on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats, and can also be freely downloaded in PDF format in the English, Russian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese languages. In 2014, Mr. Stolyarov coordinated a successful crowdfunding campaign to distribute over 1,000 paperback copies of Death is Wrong as gifts to children throughout the world.

Mr. Stolyarov holds the professional insurance designations of Associate of the Society of Actuaries (ASA), Associate of the Casualty Actuarial Society (ACAS), Member of the American Academy of Actuaries (MAAA), Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU), Associate in Reinsurance (ARe), Associate in Regulation and Compliance (ARC), Associate in Personal Insurance (API), Associate in Insurance Services (AIS), Accredited Insurance Examiner (AIE), and Associate in Insurance Accounting and Finance (AIAF). He has published numerous online study guides – most of them free of charge – for actuarial exams and various topics in economics and mathematics, which have been used by thousands of students.

Greta Blackburn

Greta Blackburn

Entrepreneur and Writer

After years of success in show business as an actress and model, Greta made a career about-face and became founding Editor of Ms. Fitness Magazine. She is also Founder/Director of Greta Blackburn's FITCAMPS, which have taken place for the past 20 years all over the world.

Greta jumped into the mind/body arena early on as Co-Author of the book “Cory Everson’s LifeBalance : The Complete Mind/Body Program for a Leaner Body, Better Health and Self-Empowerment” in 1998.

As a health authority and personal motivator, she has been seen on morning shows across the country and in appearances on shows ranging from "Entertainment Tonight", “Fox and Friends,” "Good Day LA", and dozens of others.

Today she works with top researchers and scientists in a race against time called “The Manhattan Beach Project: NUKE AGING,” a Think Tank of which she was Co-Chair. In 2011 her book, developed by Greta and then co-authored with Michael Fossel, MD, PhD. author of the pivotal 1997 tome “Reversing Human Aging”), and an anti-aging doctor, hit the bookstores and offered solutions based on the emerging field of Telomere Biology. 

Blackburn continues to lead the movement to make “100 the New 50” and to promote, incubate and help get funding for emerging technologies and protocols. 

Joshua Oppenheimer

Joshua Oppenheimer

Film Director

Born in 1974, USA, Oscar®-nominated film director Joshua Oppenheimer is recipient of a MacArthur “Genius Grant” (2015-2019). His debut feature film, The Act of Killing (2012, 159 min and 117 min), was named Film of the Year in the 2013 by the Guardian and the Sight and Sound Film Poll, and won 72 international awards, including the European Film Award 2013, BAFTA 2014, Asia Pacific Screen Award 2013, Berlinale Audience Award 2013, and Guardian Film Award 2014 for Best Film. It was nominated for the 2014 Academy Award® for Best Documentary, and has been released theatrically in 31 countries.

His second film, The Look of Silence (2014, 99 min), premiered In Competition at the 71st Venice Film Festival, where it won five awards including the Grand Jury Prize, the international critics award (FIPRESCI Prize) and the European film critics award (FEDEORA Prize). Since then, The Look of Silence has received the Danish Academy Award for Best Documentary and the prestigious Danish Arts Council Award. It screened at the Telluride Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, New York Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival (Best World Documentary), the Copenhagen Documentary Festival (Grand Prize), Festival d’Angers (Audience Award for Best Film), and the Berlin Film Festival (Peace Film Prize).

Oppenheimer is a partner at Final Cut for Real in Denmark, and Artistic Director of the Centre for Documentary and Experimental Film at the University of Westminster in London.

Kat Cotter

Dr. Kat Cotter

Dr. Kat Cotter is a Chiropractor and certified anti-aging practitioner. She holds a Doctorate through Southern California University of Health Sciences and has received certifications in several other areas including nutrition and clinical hypnotherapy. She has an extensive background in the health field spanning over 30 years. She was the Director of the Lifespan Anti-Aging Center and Chiropractic Wellness Group in Los Angeles but left private practice to work with the Maximum Life Foundation where she held the position of Vice President. She founded the Virtual Health Fair, an internet start-up in in the 1990s, has co-chaired several conferences and scientific summits and organized the Longevity Bootcamp, a health and longevity conference geared toward the general public.  She continues to work with clients, creating customized health plans and longevity programs, speaking and putting on workshops in the areas of anti-aging, longevity and life extension. She has served on the boards of several health related companies and non-profit organizations, including Alcor Life Extension Foundation and the Maximum Life Foundation.

Kristin Comella

Dr. Kristin Comella

CSO, US Stem Cell

Ms. Comella is a world renowned expert on regenerative medicine with a focus on adipose derived stem cells. She was named number 24 on Terrapin’s list of the Top 50 Global Stem Cell Influencers and number 1 on the Academy of Regenerative Practices list of Top 10 Stem Cell Innovators. Ms. Comella has pioneered stem cell therapies from various sources including cord blood, bone marrow, muscle, and adipose. She led the team that gained the first ever FDA approval for a clinical trial using a combined cell and gene therapy product in the heart. 

In addition to advanced cell culturing experience, Ms. Comella’s repertoire includes managing the development, manufacturing, and quality systems of cellular products. She has developed a wide range of regenerative techniques and products that have now been successfully implemented into the clinic setting.  Her professional experience includes positions in several companies including US Stem Cell (AKA Bioheart), Stemlogix, Tulane University and Osiris Therapeutics. Ms. Comella progressed from research engineer at Osiris Therapeutics developing stem cell therapies for osteoarthritis to building and managing the stem cell laboratory at Tulane University's Center for Gene Therapy. She was the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Stemlogix, a regenerative medicine company focusing on veterinary medicine.

She is currently serving as the Chief Scientific Officer and board member of US Stem Cell, a publically traded company focusing on the discovery, development, and commercialization of autologous cell therapies for the treatment of degenerative diseases. Ms. Comella is a PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering at Florida International University and holds an M.S. in Chemical Engineering from The Ohio State University and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of South Florida.  

Laurie Handlers

Laurie Handlers

Founder, Butterfly Workshops. Writer. 

Laurie Handlers is a Sex and Happiness Coach, author of Amazon #1 International Bestseller Sex & Happiness: The Tantric Laws of Intimacy. Through her company Butterfly Workshops, she offers sexual health and awareness courses plus leadership courses for corporations and individuals throughout the world. She hosts a weekly radio show Sex and Happiness where she discusses all topics about sex since 2006. She has also produced and starred in two independent films “Beyond Dinner” and “Tantric Tourists”.

Mark Gordon

Dr. Mark Gordon

Co-Owner and Medical Director, Millenium-TBI

Originally residency trained and board certified in Family Medicine (1984), Dr. Mark L. Gordon continued his medical education in Clinical Orthopedics (1990), Cosmetic Dermatology (1993), and Sports Medicine (1995) prior to pausing in 2007 to write his first book on Interventional Endocrinology a term which he coined in 2003. In 2005, Dr. Gordon obtained an exempt pharmacist license from the State of California.

Dr. Gordon has been a strong advocate of Integrative and Functional Medicine and the promotion of wellness medicine thought the correction of underlying hormonal deficiencies. He was instrumental in promoting the recognition of Traumatic Brain Injury as a cause of hormonal deficiency in the hallmarked presentation on ESPN’s Outside the Lines (Jan. 2007). His book, The Clinical Application of Interventional Medicine (2008), is recognized by his peers as a primer for the standards of care and assessment for Interventional Endocrinology (anti-aging medicine).

He holds the position as Voluntary Associate Clinical Professor at the Keck School of Medicine (1998-date) and Medical Director of CBS Studios (2001-date), and has also participated on projects with HBO, ESPN, CNN, FOX, Good Morning, and a number of international news programs. In January 2012, Life Extension Magazine published an article entitled; Health TBI with Hormones. This article launched the recognition of hormones for brain health. Two years later after the success of the LEM article, Dr. Gordon appeared in January 2014 on the Joe Rogan Experience (#438) where the discussion on Traumatic Brain Injury and hormonal dysfunction generated national and international interest. A second Joe Rogan program in November 2014 (#574) included Jason Hall, the screenwriter for American Sniper and ex-petty officer and Navy Seal Corpsman Matthew Gosney who spoke at length about his blast trauma, gunshot wounds, surgery, depression and 16 different medications that did nothing to prevent his attempted suicide in January 2014. He shares his experience of being evaluated by Dr. Gordon and starting a hormonal replenishment protocol that lead to his stopping 14 medications within 6 weeks and the resolution of his deep depression.

In February 2015, Dr. Gordon and ex-Navy Corpsman, Jordan Cordova shared his experience of military traumas, hormonal deficiencies and recovery from anxiety and depression on a hormonal protocol. 

On May 14, 2015, his new book entitled; Traumatic Brain Injury – A clinical approach to diagnosis and treatment, was launched along with a three day workshop attended by an international and national array of medical specialists seeking advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of TBI. On September 25, 2015, Dr. Gordon and SFC Andrew Marr (ret) were on the Joe Rogan Experience # 700, discussing the benefits of neurosteroids on conditions frequently found associated with TBI and PTSD. 

Dr. Gordon continues to work with veterans’ groups providing full and partial funding for those with injuries received while in the theater of war.   Dr. Gordon is owner and Medical Director of Millennium-TBI, located in Encino California.

Michael Greve

Michael Greve

Entrepreneur. Founder, Founder and CEO, Michael is based in Berlin, Germany. What started out more than 10 years ago as a personal quest of Michael to shed the numerous extra pounds and the extremely unhealthy lifestyle he acquired while building, turned into a full-fledged project and his number one priority: Figure out the best way to use all the available and upcoming medical knowledge to be as healthy as possible and to build a personal bridge into the future.

Over time this personal quest grew into a group of people, part german, part international, deeply interested in healthy longevity and extremely positive about the technological possibilities that tomorrow has in store for us. 

As a private non-profit initiative, is an open community of highly motivated professionals with backgrounds in business, tech and medicine collaborating to vastly extend our healthy lifespans.

Pam Keefe

Pam Keefe

Asia Pacific Vice President, HNI International

Based in Hong Kong, Pam is responsible for Sales and Distribution of HNI's 8 brands of office furniture including Allsteel, Gunlocke, Paoli, Lamex & HNI India. Originally from the USA, she has been working and living in Asia since 2008.  Prior to joining HNI in 2015, Pam was based in Singapore and was the Vice-President of Asia Pacific for Teknion Office Furniture for two years and spent 12 years with Haworth Office Furniture leading Sales Strategy and Global Accounts for Asia Pacific, Middle East, Latin America and Africa.

In addition to the office furniture business, Pam has a passion for biotechnology, health, fitness & life extension.

Pam is spearheading an effort to raise awareness and educate people in Asia on the possibilities of Life Extension and the critical medical research that is needed to cure aging and death. 

Nuno R. B. Martins.JPG

Nuno R. B. Martins, PhD

Asia Pacific Vice President, HNI International

Nuno is a polymath, a researcher, an entrepreneur, and a life-extension and health-extension advocate. As a polymath, he usually likes to make use of different subject areas, drawing ideas and concepts from different bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems. As an illustrative example, his published papers involve several fields of research, for example: quantitative neuroscience, nanotechnology, robotics, and others. Several previous education experiences have supported and nurtured his polymath approach to problems.

As a researcher, he is interested in any scientific, engineering, or technological development with potential applications or consequences for healthy life extension. Along these lines, he is currently a focused on developing technologies for human healthy life extension.

In business, he created his own company to fund his education. Along the way, several academic awards and grants contributed to his necessary funding strategy. The growth of his original company permitted him to create a group embracing a set of different companies that operate in a large spectrum of business sectors, including: business consulting, education, information technologies, healthcare services, and others.

On life extension related topics, early in his life, motivated to take control of his own health he decided to make several courses related to sports and nutrition. For example, he is a swimming teacher, a professional tennis teacher, a body-building and aero-fitness teacher, a power-lifting professor, and he completed also courses in nutrition. 

Rachael D'Aguiar-Sanders

Rachael D'Aguiar-Sanders

Owner, Chase Life Extension Foundation

Rachael D’Aguiar-Sanders is the owner of Chase Life Extension Foundation, a New Zealand company that supports Dr Bill Andrews research to cure aging .  Rachael is the developer of a telomerase inducing topical skin serum utilising Dr Andrews most powerful molecule to date.

Chase Life Extension Foundation licenced this molecule and modified it to make the ‘cosmetic ready’  TAM-818 active ingredient before creating the serum, One Truth 818.  The sales of One Truth 818 globally produce royalties for Sierra Sciences to continue their fight against aging.

Rachael has been in the beauty industry for 20 years and is highly respected and known as an industry keynote speaker after many engagements speaking in NZ and Australia.  Rachael has been an industry expert guest on many beauty panels and media publications and is passionate about spreading her knowledge on anti-aging.

As well as her entrepreneur enterprises and support of curing aging Rachael is an accomplished actress – well known for roles as diverse as a presenter on the NZ TV Shopping Channel to starring roles in outdoor Shakespeare performances, she is known as the salon staff coaching guru and is a hands on mother of 2.

Through her product, One Truth 818, Rachael is able to share the science of telomere biology to the masses.  The action of inducing telomerase topically is in its infancy and One Truth 818 serum is the proof that this concept is effective.

Zoltan Istvan

Zoltan Istvan

Writer and Activist.

Bestselling visionary author Zoltan Istvan has explored over 100 countries—many as a journalist for the National Geographic Channel—writing, filming, and appearing in dozens of television stories, articles, and webcasts. Zoltan is a futurist and a 2016 US Presidential candidate of the Transhumanist Party. His work has been featured by The New York Times Syndicate, Outside, San Francisco Chronicle, BBC Radio, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, Animal Planet, and the Travel Channel.

He is a philosophy and religious studies graduate of Columbia University and resides in San Francisco with his daughter and physician wife. Zoltan recently published The Transhumanist Wager. The novel was a #1 bestseller in Philosophy and Sci-Fi Visionary on Amazon. 

Maria Entraigues-Abramson 

SENS, Global Outreach Coordinator

Maria is an Argentinian-American singer, actress, composer, and pilot. She is also a science and technology communicator and one of the leading voices in the life extension field.

Maria is a radical-change believer and spends her multifaceted life working on facilitating radical exponential change to help the world. You can find her giving a scientific talk, singing live for thousands of people, composing and acting for a Hollywood film, doing music journalism, or flying her Cessna.

She believes humans will achieve very long and healthy lives beyond current limitations.


Ira Brightman


Ira Brightman is an accomplished professional writer (published and produced), teacher, and performer. An organizing member of the New York Cryonics Society, he has been publicly presenting websites urging the creation of a centralized, coalesced health-life extension movement since 2001.

His current website is (we want everyone possible included in the coming control of aging).

Ira, now an Oakland resident, is also readying his humanistic solo comedy show, “God, Hitler, and Life-Extension” for a San Francisco theater production.